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3900 N Causeway Blvd.

Suite 1200

Metairie LA 70002

Legal Shield
Legal Shield for your Business
  • Unlimited legal consultation on business matters via phone.
  • Unlimited legal correspondence letters sent to your clients (1 letter per subject per year)
  • Ten debt collection letters per month (one per subject per year)
  • Three basic contracts reviewed per month (up to fifteen pages each)
  • Three legal documents reviewed per month (up to fifteen pages each)
  • One executed contract reviewed per month (up to ten pages)
  • Reduced-fee services- Litigation representation within your business state at a twenty-five percent discount from your Provider Law Firm’s corporate hourly rate
  • Seventy-five hours of your Provider Law Firm’s time if your business is named defendant or respondent in a covered civil action
  • Up to a 5% discount on contingency fee cases (if accepted by the Provider Law Firm)
  • Full membership
DMV Issues??? Not if you're shielded...

Motor Vehicle Legal Services (For all covered family members who are licensed drivers) Minor Legal Expenses: Your Provider Law Firm will 
assist you or your covered family members with moving traffic violations at no additional cost to you. Now you can have help with traffic tickets and not have to worry about the cost of representation. Major Legal Expenses: Your Provider Law Firm will defend you or your covered family members when you are charged with Manslaughter, Involuntary Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide, or Vehicular Homicide at no added cost to you. And up to 2.5 hours for help with Damage recovery service, Driver’s license assistance, Personal injury legal expenses.

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Daystar Services
3900 N. Causeway Blvd.
Suite 1200
Metairie, LA 70002

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